January 6, 1927


During the winter months it is important that wherever cars are stored or have been allowed to stand in a cold room for an extended period, the following precautions should be taken before placing them in storage or in a cold room.

First: Run the motor until the temperature of the water is at maximum heat and all working parts of the motor have been brought to their normal operating temperature.

Second: After placing the car in position where it will remains drain the water and again run the motor for several minutes in order to thoroughly, dry out the water passages.

Third: Remove each spark plus and place approximately a tablespoon full of light machine oil on the top of each piston.

Fourth: Turn the motor over two (2) complete revolutions by hand.

Fifth: Replace the spark plugs.

The above precautions are necessary in order to prevent condensation taking place in the cylinder, causing rust to form, which may affect the walls of the cylinder and may even extend - where the storage period to of any great length to a seizure of the rings.


In putting a car in commission that has been in storage for any length of time and this also applies to cars that have been in transit for more than ten days -the following precautions should be taken:

First: Don't start the motor 'up under its own power immediately.

Second: Remove the spark plugs and place approximately two tablespoons of light machine oil in each cylinder.

Third: With a starting crank turn the motor over several times, thoroughly working the oil into the rings and down along the piston walls. An excess amount of oil is advisable.

Fourth: After making sure that the motor is free from any rust or hanging tenancies due to condensation, start up the motor under its own power and run very slowly in a room in which the temperature is such that the oil will circulate freely for at least one hour, after which the motor can be operated at normal speeds.

While a certain amount of condensation cannot be prevented when care are stored in a cold room, its effect can be minimized by taking the above precautions.

FAILURE TO ADOPT THESE PRECAUTIONS WILL PROBABLY CAUSE DAMAGE TO THE MOTOR AND CONSIDERABLY SHORTEN ITS USEFUL LIFE. Therefore, please be sure to bring this Bulletin to the notice of every one concerned.

Very truly yours,

W.E. Sussex
Manager, Parts & Service Division,
Sales Department.