Rugy, Flint, DeVaux, Frontenac Serial Numbers


This information was first published an article from the May 1990 Durant Standard by its editor Jeff Gillis, now deceased. The subject is serial numbers, a subject that is important in establishing the model year of the Durant Family of Cars but on which there is some disagreement on the interpretation. The new model year cars were normally produced in the late summer or early fall months of the year preceding the new calendar year. For example, the 1929 models would be in the dealer's show room in the August to October time frame of 1928. However, Durant, as well as other carmakers, was trying to stay afloat during the depression years and some new models didn't appear until the actual calendar year. That is why it is important to know the date production started. If you have any information on Rugby car serial numbers or any other information or comments send them to me at

This data was recently published in the March 2003 issue of the The Durant Partner by Bob Porter. Webmaster