Updating the Steering Sector Seal (7 images)
I am currently updating my steering sector to modern seals. Attached are photos.

#16 Shows the hole the spark and throttle rods exit the steering sector.

#17 Seal is installed inverted to trim the seal length. The seal as supplied is about 1/8" too long (deep).

#18 Shows the installed seal in the sector. The seal is not a tight fit and I used Loctite to hold it in. There is a flat plate with a gasket t that covers the seal which assures the seal will stay put and the gasket assures it won't leak around the outside of the seal.

#19 Shows The new seal and the "original" hole in the output shaft of the sector.

#20 Shows the seal with the "new" hole.

#21 Shows the new seal installed in the housing.

#22 Shows the flat plate and gasket that covers the seal in the spark and throttle rod hole.

Seal numbers are Chicago Rawhide # 4943 for the small seal and Chicago Rawhide #11050 for the large.

Another hint is to replace the horn wire while you have it apart. My Ahoogah horn works wonderfully now!!

The steering sector shown is from a Model 63 Durant and should apply to most if not all 29 Durants.

Regards, Dave Schulte [Schulte3@mepotelco.net]

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