1929 Model 60 Specifications

BATTERY:-- U.S.L, Type S-CVX-5X6, 6 volt. The negative (-) terminal is grounded. Starting capacity (20 minute rate) is 96 amperes for 20 minutes. Lighting capacity (5 ampere rate) is 5 amperes for 16.8 hours Battery is mounted under the front floor boards on the right frame member and is grounded to the right clutch shaft support.

IGNITION:-- Coil Model IG-4066. Coil is mounted on the generator at the right of the engine. Ignition current is 1.5-2 amperes at 6 volts with engine running and 4.5-5 amperes at 6 volts with engine stopped.

Distributor Model IGB-4006-B. Breaker contacts separate .020-.025 inch. Set contact gap by loosening the lock nut on the stationary contact mounting stud and turning up the stud until the correct gap is secured with the breaker arm on the lobe of the cam. Resurface contacts whenever necessary with a fine flat contact file or on a medium hard oilstone. Breaker arm spring tension is 16-20 ounces. Distributor is semi-automatic Maximum manual advance is 25 degrees (engine). Automatic advance begins at 600 R.P34. of engine. Maximum automatic advance is 22 degrees at 2400 R.P.M.

Mounting:-- Distributor is mounted at right of engine on rear of the generator. To remove the distributor, disconnect the primary lead and manual advance rod and remove the distributor head with cables intact. Then take out the hold-down screw in the advance arm and lift the distributor from place.

Oiling:-- Put 4 or 5 drops of light engine oil in the oiler on the side - of the distributor every two weeks or each- 500 miles.

Timing:-- Three types of cylinder heads have been used on the Model 60. These heads are marked "15LA-606"--18 1/2%, "15LA-608--19%", and "14LA-617--20.9 %". The marks will be found on the top of the cylinder head at the rear of the engine. On engines equipped with cylinder head 15LA-606 or 15LA-608 breaker contacts begin to separate when the piston entering power stroke reaches a position 8 1/2 degrees or 21/2 teeth on the flywheel before top dead center with the spark control fully advanced. On engines equipped with the 14LA-617 head, breaker contacts separate when the piston entering power stroke reaches a position 16 degrees 4 minutes or 5 teeth on the flywheel before top dead center with the spark control fully advanced. To set timing, crank engine over until piston No. 1 enters compression stroke (the up stroke with both valves closed). Fully advance spark control lever. Carefully note type of cylinder head on engine and continue to crank engine until a point,21/2 teeth on the flywheel (on cars with 15LA-606 or 15LA-608 heads) or 5 teeth (on cars with 14LA-617 head) before the top dead center mark is directly opposite the indicator line in the engine block directly above the crankshaft. Then loosen advance arm clamp screw and rotate distributor until contacts begin to open. Tighten the clamp screw and connect the segment opposite the rotor to the spark plug In cylinder No. 1. Connect the remaining spark plugs In order 5-3-6-2-4 clockwise around the distributor head.

Firing Order:-- The firing order is 1-5-3-6-2-4.

Spark Plug:-- Spark plugs are 7/a-18 B.A.B. Standard. Gaps are .025 inch.

VALVE TIMING:-- Specifications:-Head diameter, 1% inches. Stem diameter, .371 Inch. Stem length, 51/4 inches. Valve lift,-,.5/16.inch. Spring pressure, 85 pounds (valve open-spring length, 2 inches). Tappet clearance, .006 inch (hot). Valve stem guides are removable. Valves with oversize stems are not made.