I Want to Drive a "Durant"
Fox-Trot Song
Words and Music by
Geo. H. K. Mitford

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As Introduced at the Durant Dealers Organization Convention
By Frank Oldfield and Chas Bodley's Dance Orchestra

1981 Recording -Vocals

1981 Recording -Insturmental

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Feeling mighty lonesome,
Feeling mighty blue,
Parted from my sweetheart
And don't know what to do.
With my favorite auto,
I'd chase the miles away.
Durant's the one I'm meaning,
And that is why I say:

I want to drive a Durant
I want to see if I can't
Go faster, many a mile
To the girl who promised to be mine.
And then I think I will say:
Come, sweetheart, this is the way
We'll go through life with a smile
All the while in our Durant.

Smart performing motor
Answers each command,
Steering nice and easy.
You only need one hand.
Takes the road like lightning,
Sails along all day,
Any Durant's a dandy
And once again I'll say: